VOGO acts against COVID-19!

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VOGO acts against COVID-19!

VOGO acts against COVID-19!

COVID-19 – VOGO participation in the development, production and distribution of a rapid saliva-based screening test

VOGO is honored to announce today, that it is collaborating with scientists from the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research) laboratory Sys2Diag, and with biotechnology company SkillCell for providing a rapid saliva-based screening test, if the results of the clinical trial are conclusive.

Faced with the current health crisis, it has been established that widespread rapid testing of populations would have a decisive impact. The EasyCov test has all the qualities to be able to meet this challenge.

Since April 11th, a clinical trial has been promoted by the Montpellier University Hospital with SkillCell and scientists from the CNRS laboratory Sys2Diag. If the results of the clinical trial are conclusive, an efficient and reliable development, production and distribution chain for widespread rapid testing of medical personnel could be ready as early as May…

Development of a version of Easycov for the general public is in progress. In this context, find out how the VOGO teams are acting to develop and launch the digital tool that will automate results analysis, which would be required for widespread screening of the population.

Find out all the details in the press release to this related test.


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