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VOGO on ice with the French D2 Ice Hockey Championship with the Montpellier VIPERS !

We are delighted to announce the partnership between the Montpellier VIPERS club and VOGO for the season 2016-2017.
Spectators from Vegapolis Ice rink could enjoy all the VOGO SPORT’s functionnalities for the first match with the VIPERS rivaling Villard de Lans on Saturday October 15 in Montpellier.

Download the VOGO SPORT app prior the event on plateforms ios or Google Play. When the Vegapolis’ public enter the Ice rink, they have to connect to the WIFI VOGO SPORT and then are ready to open the app and benefit to all the VOGO SPORT functionnalities !

Spectators could:
-Choose the angle of view with the differents cameras state all around the ice rink
-Instant Replay at slow motion or at normal speed to check out an action
-Zoom in on details or stop the action
-Find out exclusives images and videos powered by the Club…

About the VIPERS club:

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